Remember when you were in school or uni, and you got so sick of having to cite references and list sources in every bloody paper? It was so frustrating and so time heavy, that maybe you just got a bit slack and wrote 'wikipedia'. 

Maybe you just copied and pasted a paragraph or two, and rearranged some sentences because who will really check right? It doesn't hurt anyone. 


Well, apparently people still do that, as adults. 


What I'm trying to get at is - someone is ripping off my work. 

(Dun dun dunnnnnn). 


This weekend, a website was brought to my attention that was the same type of "millennial woman blog" - it seemed okay, I mean there are probably thousands of sites like this, since millennial woman are the demographic that read blogs the most. 

As I took the time to actually read, and navigate through the site, I felt more and more uneasy. 


Didn't I write a post with this title?

Didn't I post basically this same article, only a week before hand? 

This picture is scarily similar to the one I used on almost the same post. 


What I found was essentially, a slightly rearranged, slightly lower quality (lol) version of my own website. It was eerie. Even her 'About' blurb was essentially mine, including the exact same sentence about staying and grabbing a drink. 

The weirdest part? I actually know who she is. 


Some people say imitation is a form of flattery. Well, it's not exactly flattering when a person is threatening and ripping off my actual livelihood, the way I make money - my professional reputation and the foundation of my writing career could be at risk. This person may think she is using me for 'inspiration' or just as a bouncing board for her own ideas (and i say her own, VERY loosely), but she is walking a very fine line, legally. 


I'm not one to name and shame, because frankly if she's copying my stuff she'll likely read this, but I've screenshot every single thing, and the comparisons to my own work. I'm pretty fucking prepared to file a DMCA or seek legal advice if I have to. I live with two lawyers for christ sake. 


What I want to put to the world is this: if you rip someone off, you will absolutely be found out. The internet may be massive and ever expanding, but if you're trying to make it as a writer or a blogger.. you're better off trying to have your own ideas. You know, use your actual brain for a change. 


It's not cool, you're not original, and it's not funny. 


So hello to the slightly less funny, less original me - I hope you change your ways. At the very least you owe me a bottle of wine or something.