Fake it till you make it, is my go to advice. Well my advice for everything apart from sex. Because that’s not productive.


Sex is one of those subjects where many people, especially women, baulk at the thought of explicitly asking for what they want, or even admitting that those fancy moves their partner is flinging out left, right and centre - just aren’t going to get her to orgasm city.


Lots of people feel awkward even reading about things like this - but Durex and I are going to try and reduce the stigma a bit because sex is fun, and frankly - everyone does it.


The simple fact is, it’s harder for women (speaking in general terms) to have intense sex that hits the spot. There are so many different things to factor in; her mood, how much is on her mind, maybe your bedroom smells weird, maybe she feels fat that day and it’s throwing her game off ...

So. Many. Factors.


Durex Intense Stimulating Condoms 10s 3D.jpg

Maybe you want to try some fancy lubes or toys or fandangled contraptions but the sex shops in your town are seedy, and the online shops are SO expansive that you honestly can’t tell what products are good and what product will cause grievous bodily harm. RIP your fun bits.

The fact of the matter is - sometimes, simple is best.


My mates at Durex are actually out to make the experience more intense, as much as they can. Their newest release is especially for women (yaaaaaas) - two brand new products!


The Intense Stimulating Gel, and the Intense Stimulating Condoms.

Ta da!


In my personal opinion, I’m into buying from Durex because they’re a brand I am super familiar with (I’ve been getting boxes of Durex condoms from Family Planning for years - holla!), they do their research, and they’re reasonably priced. There’s no sketchy online reviewers like “Mr Sexxx69” telling you it’s great - it just is pretty reliable.


The Gel is not a lube, it’s a stimulating gel - you use 2 to 3 drops (depending on how sensitive you are) - don’t drown yourself in it! Repeat after me - not a lube! The Gel won’t guarantee you an orgasm, because that’s up to you babes, but it creates an intense, tingling, warming or cooling feeling on your clit that helps create a more exciting and pleasurable experience!


Gels are an awesome way to get to know your own body better, and just generally introduce some fun into your sex life - it’s a great option to connect more with your partner, intense experiences do tend to create closer bonds! Like taking a road trip without killing each other or going last minute shopping shopping on Christmas Eve.


The Stimulating Condoms are full of fun bumps and ridges that feel intense and pleasurable to both parties - and they’re mint flavoured. Bonus! If you’re that way inclined.


Many people are scared, or nervous to try out new things in the bedroom - not everyone is as up front and blunt about it as me (sorry). Honestly, Durex have made this so SO much easier and I’m super excited to try these products! I love that they’ve made products especially for women, and if you’re game enough - you can pick them up at pharmacies and supermarkets starting this month. 


Smuggle them in under some biscuits.
Make awkward eye contact with the checkout chick.

Maybe go through self checkout.


This blog is a paid blog by Durex. Any information about non-Durex products is the opinion of the Author. Read the product insert and follow the instructions. Reckitt Benckiser, Auckland.