"Good morning Rhiana"

"Good morning memes." 


My usual morning routine involves browsing the internet for far too long, while I drink coffee and try to stop my eyes from involuntarily closing. During my morning meme dosage, I found this fucking fantastic thing. 


I have never felt more kinship with a static image in MA LIFE. 


How do you manage everything you actually just need to maintain, to live your life? Sure, theres things you can cut out (not bread, I can't cut that out), but what about the kind of mandatory things? 


Currently I'm trying to balance: 


- Exercise. I'm doing this stupid Pilates challenge at my Pilates studio, doing 20 sessions in 30 days. It's pants. 

- Diet. I'm meant to be low FODMAP and I'm also trying to stop my jeans from cutting off my circulation. Calorie counting, you fickle bitch. 

- Full time day job. 

- Part time night job (this). 

- Happy and healthy relationship (Hey bae)

- Social life. I'm sorry, I don't check my message, I'm a really shit human. 

- Drinking 2.5L of water a day. I pee so much. 

- Regimented skincare routine, and dermatologist appointments. 

- Replacing myself in my current flat, and moving in with my boyfriend. 


These things are fucking necessities! 


I see people who are this busy ALL the time, and I honestly don't know how they do it. Are they on cocaine? Are they on some sort of weird sleep schedule where they work in the middle of the night between naps? Are they actually even human? 


I need a literal bowl of coffee to survive. 


The glorification if 'Busy' means that we all have come to the conclusion that it's awesome and good and normal to be busy out of your mind. That you're not trying hard enough or not exploring your options enough, if you're just chillin through life. 


I always try and pride myself on my organisational skills, and at least attempting to be on top of my shit. I collated all my best ideas and best advice, if you too - are struggling to balance just your entire life. 


  • You don't have to say yes to things, just because people want you to. 
  • If you don't have any lists on the go, or at least a very extensive Google Calendar with reminders - then you are just making it harder for yourself. 
    Utilise some apps or a Bullet Journal and sort your shit out. 
  • Prioritise. If your health is the most important thing to you - then tick that stuff off first. Don't waste time worrying about what to do first, just PICK a thing, and get that done. 
  • Don't look at people doing the same things as you, and compare yourself to them. You don't know if they're getting any help, or if they're lying or if they're on coke, you don't know. 
    Use people for inspiration, but don't romanticise them.
  • Don't let your goals and plans take over your entire life. make sure you still have time to drink beer, lie on the couch all day and watch Riverdale, and make sure you still make time for your relationships. Those people will be there for you when you inevitably need help, so don't burn those bridges. 


I'm only 1L in to my daily water intake, so I'm off to chug. #health