I know, I know - mid twenties is in NO WAY old. You're not wise or overly worldly when you're 25, but you've at least moved into the first proper phase of being a somewhat functional adult. 


Look at you, with your car payments, and your sensible use of Metamucil and vitamins. You go. 


Your mid twenties is when you decide to slowly put down the bargain bin Savs, and pick up a $17 bottle of Pinot. You become weirdly interested in Grand Designs, and your weekends revolve around brunch and errands rather than nursing a two day hangover and eating wedges. (well, sometimes)  You're an adult, but you still kill all your house plants. 


The best part is, there's a whole lot of things that you just stop caring about. You couldn't give less fucks. And, it's fucking grand. 


Here we go:


1. Your bum.

Stop worrying about it, bums are really great. No matter what shape it is, whether its smooth or bumpy, whether you can fit it into apple bottomed jeans - I guarantee you, someone finds that bum HELLA attractive. They want to touch it. 


2. How many friends you have. 

In your late teens and early twenties, I feel like you feel somewhat compelled to have heaps of friends, like its super important. I have maybe 6 really close friends, and the rest are just kinda casual ones and I'm really happy with that. Isn't having quality people around you better than having heaps of really average ones that never want to hang out? 


3. Whether you've got "a plan" or not. 

Here's the thing. You can make a plan, change your plans, or abandon your plans at any fucking age. You don't need to "have your shit sorted" by any point in time, you're not going to be sent to live in exile if you don't have a perfect career and life goals by the time you're 30. Who the fuck cares? Take your time, and just take life day by day. 

It's like that poop joke - ideas are like farts. If you have to force it, it's probably shit. 



4. How many followers you have. 

Unless it's your job, or you have a specific reason for caring - does the number on the screen really matter? Do those people validate you, more than say your friends and family? 
Post what makes you happy, and if people like it - then thats fucking fab and they have good taste. I hope my followers enjoy photos of my baby sister and the weird stuff in my house. 


5. Competing with other people your age

Who cares if Karen from high school is has two babies and got married in a rustic barn with a donut wedding cake, and you're still chilling with your boyfriend and eating donuts in your kitchen at midnight?
Doesn't mean she's BETTER than you. 
Stop competing with others and trying to fit to a timeline. Theres no timeline! You can literally do whatever you want. 

Maybe Karens children shit on her sometimes. Did you think about that. 


6. Constantly pleasing other people.

Now, I'm not saying to do a table flip and start being the most selfish person in the world, but stop giving a fuck about whether what you do is good for other people. You don't need to feel bad if you and your friend drift apart a little because you really don't enjoy doing the same things anymore, you don't need to feel awkward for doing things that YOU enjoy. 

You fucking do not have to make other people happy. Stir things up, do things for yourself first and foremost. Who cares what Susan from your work thinks of your clothes or your hobbies - fuck Susan. 


7. What the other sex think of you. 

Ok not ENTIRELY but I know for sure I started feeling much happier about myself when I stopped being like "Do I look attractive?" "Do I look too over the top today?" "Are these heels too much?" or when I started wearing clothing that I knew that men didn't really like, but I LIKED. 


I tell you what, I feel much happier wearing my high waisted pants then I did trying to squash my muffin into normal jeans. Soz guys.