Let's be perfectly honest here - men are the fucking worst to buy for. 

What do you want for christmas? 
I dunno
Is there anything you need? Or just something you liked?

Like, gee thanks that's super helpful, how about I choke you with that 10 pack of black socks you inevitably get every year. 

I'm one of those people that is REALLY into giving gifts. I usually make something homemade, or spend way too much money on some elaborate thing - no regrets. 

But, I understand that lots of people loathe birthdays, christmas, and anniversaries because it gives them anxiety. Fair call. 

- How much money do I spend? What if we exchange and it's clear they've spent hundreds more on me? Then I look like a bitch. 

- Are gift vouchers okay or is it clear that it's the "fuck you, I left this to the last minute" option? 

- Do you go down the practical route, or the fun 'blow up t rex suit' route? 

I'm here to help, so you don't end up giving the men in your life a book on Richie McCaw. No one needs that. 


    Men will laugh at the sheer stupidness of most of it, also the chance to be disgusting and crude and win points for it. I'm a big fan of games as gifts, because then you can choose ones you'd actually like to play as well - then it's a present for two and you look cute and fun. As always girlfriend. 


    This is probably my fave option, cause there's so many things that you can do in pretty much any part of NZ. Previously we've done: mini holiday trip to Auckland with a baller Air BNB, the Penguin Experience at Kelly Tarltons, and the Lemur experience at Wellington Zoo. There's also sky diving, helicopter rides, a bajillion animal experiences at most zoos, concert tickets, live comedy, sports games and escape rooms.
    It's a practical gift that you don't need to remind them to use and def won't sit in a drawer getting dusty AF like the massage voucher you got him last year. 

    My boyfriend has a beard so this was an easy option for me. PASH RASH IS A THING.  Basically, grooming and/or self care presents are the tits because you can pick what you want them to smell like or give subtle hints that maaaaybe they should use moisturizer sometimes because you bought them a really fancy one and we don't want waste do we?
    My favourite option for this, is this awesome pack from The Bearded Man. I chose this because it has everything that you might need, and it has the best thing of all -  A BEARD BIB. Basically, you wear this bib that attaches to the mirror while they shave and then you DONT END UP WITH HAIR ALL THROUGH THE SINK. 

    Most beard oils smell far too strong for me - this one is tried and tested by me & Seb, folks. Can confirm you won't feel like you're drowning in Lynx when pashing, it smells quite lovely. 

    Get ya mind out of the gutter mate, surprise boxes have nothing to do with lady bits. These are my specialty - it's essentially a box or gift bag filled with everything they love. Food, books, games, socks, undies, beer, spirits, gift cards, the possibilities are ENDLESS.
    Seriously, this is the perfect way to make someone realise just how fucking loved they are when they open a bag to find all of their favourite things. It shows you LISTENED and that you are the kindest, greatest human ever and then they have to get you a real good gift when it's their turn. 
    I'm tempted to get this for myself tbh. There's this awesome thing where you can get heaps of different beers delivered TO YOUR DOOR YAAAAAS. I'd choose this one from Hopbox in my personal opinion, but if you google "monthly Beer Subscription", there's heaps of good options. 
    Perhaps not an ideal gift if your man is a true blue Speights and Tui drinker, but perf for craft beer snobs. 
    Here you go. Self explanatory really #relationshipgoals



Thanks to my mates at The Bearded Man, I've got a WHOLE BOX of their products to give away! This includes Beard Oil, Beard Balm, some sharp grooming scissors, AND the amazing, life changing Beard Bib. Just head to my Facebook page and enter HERE . 

Go forth and rub your face all over their lush beards, welcome to the #NoPashRash club.